Copyright Policy

  1. Summary
  2. Kootek Inc. only allows users to upload content that does not violate copyright law. Kootek Inc. will withhold all copyrights for all content uploaded by our users which are not violating any of Kootek Inc.’s Terms and/or Japanese law.

  3. Copyright Violation
  4. The accounts of users who violate copyright law may be deleted, or other necessary actions may be taken. Problems can arise between users concerning copyright infringement, which could lead to law suits. Kootek Inc. is not responsible for any problem that occurs concerning copyright law.

    Please view the following as a reference of what may be considered as violations of copyright law.

    Not to violate copyright law, please only upload information which the source is yourself. Thus meaning original ideas or knowledge that you already were aware of is preferred rather than copying from another source. Because copyright law protects the style, wording and configuration of information, please write the article yourself or reference the information of your source.  Please insert the box references for your source.

    If Kootek Inc. recognizes any violations to copyright law in Mew Websites, they will be deleted. Some time may be needed to recognize infringement.

  5. Rights
  6. The copyright of all the contents uploaded by Mew Website’s users, which do not violate copyright law, will be owned by Kootek Inc. Therefore all of the material seen on Mew Websites is under the jurisdiction of Mew websites. However, the copyright of contents which violate copyright law and have not been recognized by Kootek Inc. yet is not owned by us.

  7. Use of Copyright
  8. The duplication or abuse, and transfer of prohibited content are not allowed by users in Mew Websites.